What is the Ideal Rating for an Air Filter?

The Best Air Filter for Your Home - Finding the right MERV rating for your home is essential to ensure that you are getting the best air quality without significantly increasing your energy costs. A filter with a MERV rating of around 10 to 12 is usually sufficient to remove most of the particles that cause allergies from the air in the house. However, if your system cannot manage the MERV ratings you need, there are always other options to improve indoor air quality. Changing the air filter on your HVAC system is one of the easiest maintenance tasks a homeowner can do.

When selecting an air filter, you should consider its size, MERV rating, and how much it restricts airflow. Standard air filters come in a variety of sizes and some can be adapted to fit different sizes of filter boxes or air return openings. The MERV classification system is designed to determine the filter's ability to remove particles from the air. HEPA filters have tight filtration but tend to restrict airflow so much that they are not practical for most residential forced air systems.

Overall, the best MERV rating for a home is between 8 and 10. These filters capture a large part of the particles in the air and improve indoor air quality without significantly increasing your energy costs. The best filters trap indoor contaminants, such as dust, pet dander and pollen, helping to clean the air in your home. We also control the extent to which each filter restricts air flow, using a differential pressure transducer installed in the air filter. He provides expertise on a myriad of household air filtration topics, including HVAC filters, filtration efficiency and indoor air quality.

If you've noticed a reduction in the efficiency or airflow of your split air conditioner unit, the first thing to check is your air filter. The air filter is literally a barrier between the HVAC system and the vents, and that reduces the air's ability to pass through the vents to the current system.

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